7 reviews

City of Lockhart Disc Golf Course

marker Lockhart, Texas


7 reviews
Taryn Shick

A little difficult to find the tees but easy enough once you find them. Only 9 holes so a great short course. Excellent for a novice as the holes are close to the tees.
Cory Hartwick

Mike Diatalevi

There's usually no one around.
Kaje DeAnimal

When I first started going here 5 years ago everything was well marked and maintained. Now the signs are missing and the condition of the launch pads are in a poor state. The Lockhart residents seem to feel like this is the perfect spots for their dogs to poop. So play at your own risk. While playing for 45 mins I saw two people show up, get their dog out of the vehicle, let them do their business, and then leave. That's ridiculous, at least pick it up and put it in a trash can!
Maria Hernandez

Its so beautiful and amazing