32 reviews
Williamson County Disc Golf Course
marker Leander, Texas


32 reviews
Pete Scidmore

This course has great potential; however, it costs $10/person and for the time being, it's closed.
Pieter Van Waarde

Best course in Williamson county. Make sure to get a map or use Udisc. Layout can get confusing for first-timers.
JandJ Griffith

A beautiful course with great challenges. Very well configured. Lots of fun.
Suzanne Barajas

Nice, fun, challenging course. It's covered in trees, so step your game up! Keep your throws on the fairway so you don't have to worry about the tall rough areas. The holes are pretty close together, so you don't have to walk far between holes. A couple of the holes sorta overlap, so heads up to others throwing or people walking the parks trails. Udisc app is helpful to navigate between the ones that are a little further apart. Have fun
stephan metzner

Lots of good challenging holes. Definitely worth a play