5 reviews

Mc Lean Golf Club

marker Willow Grove, Pennsylvania


5 reviews
David Burns

Old school. Love this place.
Randy Blouin

Great place for club repair! If the red Mustang us out front, then you know to expect quick and professional service. Highly recommended!
John Ferry

Nice well kept course
Victor Gerstner

Really unfortunate that I have to leave a bad review because he was so nice. But I had him do loft and lies and they didnt look right so I took them to club champion to see if I was crazy or not and I wasnt. My 60 was supposed to be 59 and 2 degrees flat and he bent it to 56.25 and .25 flat. 56 was supposed to be 55 and it was 53.75 and not flat at all. And the 52 was supposed to be 51 and is was 46.25.....not even close and on top of that he actually bent the hosels! I now have to get my stuff replaced because he ruined all my new SM7 wedges. Do yourself a favor and go to club champion and have a real pro do your stuff.
Brad Sprayberry