2 reviews

Beartooth Industries

marker Red Lodge, Montana


2 reviews
Steve Morris

Our family loves this cause, love the employees, and wants to recycle. So much so, that we pay a good amount of money and haul our recycles to town every week. And yet, we have had the worst experiences with this center. This week, I was told the half of a tablespoon of watery milk in the bottom of the jug deemed it trash and could not be recycled. When I offered to dump the smidge of milk in the grass and walk it back over to the recycle area, it was still unacceptable. I went home with a pile of recyclables because they were deemed not clean enough. This isnt a one time event either. Every week its something new. The management has a new rule or beef to enforce. Recycling should not be this difficult. Love the cause, dislike the management.
Gena Burghoff