36 reviews
GreatLIFE Safari Golf
marker Topeka, Kansas


36 reviews
Forrest Acton

Great driving range and batting cages. The staff are friendly and very accommodating. The cages have posted speeds with separation between softball and baseball. The machines are consistent and dependable. Range buckets are generous. Good place.
Justin Gilbert

The foot golf course is great! Fun little mini golf also.
Scott Hanna

I go for the driving range. It's close to my house. Ground is a bit hard when dry but there are mats available as well. They also offer a put put course, batting cages and a foot golf course.
Debbie Hoskins

This place is overpriced and doesn't even have a right handed driver for people who just want to hit balls. We are from out of town and didn't have our own clubs. Should have just gotten our money back and went somewhere else
Mitzi Martin

Mini golf course needs quite a bit of work, but the price is dirt cheap.