50 reviews

Tobesofkee Lake Store

marker Macon, Georgia


50 reviews
Ryan Long

There are very beautiful houses/mansions to look at while here on the beach. The shore goes into some gravel while wading into the water so be careful not to run in or let your kids run in too fast. Other than that, this is a nice place to bring your family once the COVID-19 cases stabilise.Remember: Social distancing can help everyone return to a semi normal life, and if impossible, please wear your mask. Those two are the easiest and cheapest ways to keep the hospitals from overflowing, stay safe everyone!
Ileta Rodgers

Great people that own the place and work there!!
Michael taylor

These guys are good people down to earth folks
Kim Haskins

Very friendly ppl and great bait and tackle
Proud American

Overheard the young indian lady tell a fellow white employee that african americans never have an I.D. 1st she said it in her native language as she laughed. The white guy didnt understand. Then she said it where he could understand as she laughed. My african american friend was offended. We were about to go fishing. I told him that we can just go somewhere else. He agreed we juat left. I used to frequent that place often.