24 reviews
Inspiration Field
marker La Junta, Colorado


24 reviews
Marge Alvarez

I came from Omaha Nebraska to LasAnimas Colorado to take care of my mom and she brought me to this place and the manager was the nicest person you could ever meet and the store has ok prices the stores in Omaha are a little cheaper but there is over 20 stores there that compete with each other. This store is definitely my new hide out...God is Good
Cheryl Morse

Interesting store. I need to go again to really look at it. Prices were decent but there's actually a rated 4.8 thrift store downtown that's beautiful and cloths are much better and much cheaper. It's 5 bucks for jeans or dress pants. Didn't matter what brand or if style was current. Most were out of style for 20 years. I found in style jeans and pants at the high rated thrift store for between 2 to 4 dollars. Nothing out of style no any sign of wear.
Bryan Bickmore

This second hand store is not bad. I usually find something when I stop in, and the prices are decent. I like the fact that they employ the mentally challenged.
Elizabeth Byers

It's a good place to get things you need for a low price
Fred Hunsaker

They sell used clothes and furniture at inexpensive prices.