16 reviews
Lakeside Village Golf & Athltc
marker Fayetteville, Arkansas


16 reviews
Anthony Hughes

It was overall a nice experience. 6 dollars plus tax to walk a par 3 Golf Course -- worth the small cost for an hour of fun. The course is constantly playing on a water trap with a few sand traps littered throughout. It's 5 dollars more for a cart, 300.00 for an annual membership. There is a putting green you can practice on by hole 9. The water was a little dirty and the tee boxes were muddy, thus docking it one star.
Travis Masterson

Great little 3 par 9 hole
Jim Owens

This is a great little par 3 course. And it's challenging. Bring extra balls, because the lake demands tribute. Hole 7 is a decent distance of driving over a lake with no fairway. Just a tee box, a bunch od water, then a green. It'll sharpen your game. Clubhouse is small but everyones friendly.
Wilson Dorle

Nice views of the landscape
Rebecca Prince

Lindsey Management sucks do not sign a lease with this company