50 reviews

Kilkarney Hills Golf Club

marker River Falls, Wisconsin


50 reviews
ben funovits

Awesome course. Great shape this year.
Greg Shepherd

Very nice course and great people.
Brian Coombe

Great golf course and a very nice place for business conferences and other events.
Trevor Farnum

Came for a wedding (wonderful facility by the way, and decent food) but hammered out a round of golf in the morning. Honestly this course is in need of serious grooming. The driving range is basically mud with a few blades of grass. Most tee boxes are unkept and some are again, mostly mud (hole 8, 9, 12, etc) and those with grass had no signs of being mowed recently (grass higher than my ball-tee setup). Fairways are decently mowed but soil is a hard mud, not a sanded or aerated course like other quality courses, so it's like hitting into clay. Few holes have some tree work which need some finalization as they affect play (7). I am clearly expecting too much for this country course. Greens were actually very good, well kept and rolling very consistently, saving grace of the course. For the price, I would play again if they could fix the muddy areas. Otherwise I would head to other very nearby courses kept in mint condition (but pricy).
Dick Taylor

Very nice place for a wedding party. The food was very delicious.