50 reviews
Shoop Park Golf Course
marker Racine, Wisconsin


50 reviews
Olga Bello

Amazing views and very charming 9 hole .
Steve Braun

Great view to watch the sun rises with that special person in your life doesn't matter how the weather is outside. It was a very nice morning.
Shawn Britten

Played 4 holes with my husband, son and grandson. Lot of fun beautiful view of the lake.
Johnson Family

Updated 2019, course has come a long way. Greens are in good shape and fairways are holding up thanks to the rain and upkeep. The course also looks clean and well taken care of.
Simon Puleo

I am reviewing the beach not the gold course which is accessible from the parking lot. Why 5 stars? Hidden gem, not well maintained and not the safest place for kids - however really cool concrete piers that jut out into the water awash with stones from the Silurian reef (300 million years old) - not the typical rough granite. You can find volcanic basalt and other interesting minerals on this beach.