3 reviews

Oakhurst Links

marker White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia


3 reviews
Mike Kain

I have golfed all over the country. I bought a set of hickory clubs from Louisville golf last year because of my experience at Oakhurst 10 years ago.love this course and its history.
Tyler Hagemo

Love it
Ross Snellings

Oakhurst is the oldest golf course surviving in the United States. The first recorded golf championship of any kind in the U.S. was played here in 1884 and the course has been restored, with great care, to its original condition c.1880. It is played only with hickory shafted golf-clubs, most appropriately, hickory shafted clubs of the style pre-1901, and reproduction guttie balls. The National Hickory Championship, the premier event of Traditional Golf, has been contested here many times since 1998. There is nothing else like it. If you are curious as to what golf was like in the days of Old Tom Morris and long before the USGA and R&A let the horse out of the barn, play it.