15 reviews
NSRA Disc Golf Course
marker Sedro Woolley, Washington


15 reviews
Kayla Teeuwen

This is a very cool location with lots of old farm buildings as well as old, unique disc holes but was INCREDIBLY hard for my husband and I who are beginners. We both lost discs to the blackberry bushes which surround almost all of the holes. They are incredibly thick, to the point where you cant see anything in them and cant try to walk through them due to the thorns. It was very frustrating and I eventually just didnt play some of the holes because I knew I didnt have the arm strength to get over the bushes.
Scot Ranney

Some nice holes and shot selections on this course but it's very easy to lose discs. The grass (live or cut), wild peas and blackberry madness can make hunting for a disc like trying to win the lotto. This course is worth playing but big along some expendable discs.
inde twist

Wonderful course be prepared to lose a disc or two..but if you look you'll find a replacement. Ones with names an number to return some just waiting to be found.
Zane Sather

In my top 5 for the state, amazing views, great shot selection and seamless flow. Go here if you want a top notch disc golf experience.
Alex Knighton

Awesome DGC! Well maintained and laid out. A must try if you're in the area.