14 reviews
Pacific Northwest Golf Centers
marker Redmond, Washington


14 reviews
Dean Davison

I used the Center today for a 1 hour practice session. The Trackman/Video integration works flawlessly. The immediate Data Summary with Trackman Summaries and Video clips for each swing were an outstanding Value. Jeff's support and interaction was perfect, given my needs for the day. Thanks!
Hello Hello

It's an awesome place!!!
LetzOwl Party

Nice place, Nice people! Good for Golf
Ty Keller

Stop wasting your time with driving range pros and get real professional instruction. My game made a leap after working with Tanner over the winter. I cant say enough great things about the style of instruction that re-made my swing one piece at a time and never felt like a tear down. Thankful to have found a crew I trust!
Real ErikaShea

Love this place, the machines will give you you shot stats if your looking to improve, film your swing so you can see what's wrong with your movements or you can choose from a variety of courses to play on your own or with your friends. The employees are very friendly and the facility offers many services like lessons and classes. If you want to play golf and avoid the rain then Pacific Northwest Golf Center is the place for you! They're also not super expensive :)