6 reviews

DC Golf

marker Cheney, Washington


6 reviews
Todd McGann

Great instructor and person. Very knowledgeable about the golf swing. Always friendly, great at given lessons to adults and youth players of all levels. Reach out to DC Golf if you want to improve your game learn to love the game of Golf.
Clinton Wynecoop

I am very new to golf and, although I have only had a few lessons with Derrick, he has improved my game significantly and has given me the confidence to keep at it. I hope to continue my lessons with DC Golf this coming spring.
Kyle lundgren

Derek is great. I took lessons from him last summer. He helped me shave multiple strokes off of my game. He is easy to learn from no matter your skill level.
Abe Lakshin

I have to say Derricks way of teaching the game is awesome. While at Sundance golf course I had the pleasure of taking multiple lessons with Derrick. His style is laid back and his lessons are fun, best of all, they work! I started with a 22 handicap and by the end of the year I was at a 12 handicap. Highly recommend if you want to lower your handicap and have fun doing it!
Thorin Brown

I have never had a formal lesson here but I play the course all the time and the teachers are very nice people who are always willing to chat about equipment, the course or issues I am having with my swing. I did a fitting through the shop and got some awesome tips. They have great equipment and they are all very knowledgeable about the game.Highly recommended!