50 reviews
Bow Creek Golf Course
marker Virginia Beach, Virginia


50 reviews
Ira Schwartz

-Tee boxes are like a batters box in baseball with all the sand.- hit balls in the middle of the fairway and you're hitting off sand. -Some holes don't even have fairways.-bunkers are where all this sand should be...but they're frustratingly devoid of sand-The man behind the counter with the Clemson hat is nothing but rude.-play elsewhere. This place just isn't worth it
jeff weimer

Best golf course I've never been to
Lenamarie Elston

Just wanted to check out the golf course when a rude old guy named Bob comes storming out saying we were not allowed on the path and said can't you read! There was a small sign saying no bikes and walking dogs. Funny how we aren't allowed to walk on the path through the golf course but plenty of people park in the bow Creek rec center parking lot. Can't wait till the golf course is turned into retention pond!
Evan Boehm

Had an absolute great time! Would go again
Michael Schimmel

The city will never spend money to improve condition.