50 reviews
Hotel Greene
marker Richmond, Virginia


50 reviews
Joell Maisano

Hotel Greene is a place to be transported. I loved feeling like I was in a posh vintage hotel back decades before our time. Each detail is thoughtful, from the check-in desk that looks like a hotel concierge to the wallpaper and whimsical notes/artwork on the postcard souvenirs and scorecard. There is usually a wait time if you didn't pay the extra for a tee time reservation, but it's worth the wait to take in the details of the lobby and to enjoy a drink from the bar. Also, the servers take drink orders while you play! Only downside is that it always seems packed and the carpeted course isn't the most ideal for putting.
Taminator Harrison

There's just so much about this place that I love. The staff, menu, golf, atmosphere... the theme!! It's amazing! We had an incredible time, ate incredible food (the Bloody Mary is heaven!) and had the best golf game I've ever had! We can't wait to go back!!
Keith Mulvin

Hotel Greene was one of the most unique experiences Ive had in a downtown! The concept is clever, stylish and sophisticated, yet laid back and approachable. The tapas styled plates were tasty while we waited for our turn, which was a nice distraction. Once we were summoned, the programming introduced by the staff before we started was fun, and just downright so cool! We laughed through the holes and had a great time. The crowd was mixed with all ages, which helped me realize old people can have fun too. Some might say wow, that is expensive and all that for how many holes? well, in all honesty, the experience was well worth the investment. If youre questioning yourself, then take someone from out of town, or a first date, or stop by if youre visiting the charming city if Richmond. Since were being honest here, Im no Mr. Money-Bags, but Ive already gone twice since I first heard about it, and Im currently planning who else I want to impress (Im thinking about my neighbor who is in her 80s, so dont get the wrong idea). If anything else, do it for the gram.
Mark Adams & Associates Real Estate

Review submitted by Lisa Adams 3/03/2020. We hosted a recent client appreciation event at Hotel Greene. Everyone had a fabulous time. The food was great and very well prepared (being replenished before and after golfing), the atmosphere was so much fun and the concept completely out of the box - not your average place to host a party for your real estate clients. Hotel Greene made the event fairly easy to arrange and provided menus and golf packages to choose from and then took care of all the details. All we had to do was pick a menu, pick a date, show up, grab our drink tickets for our guests and start socializing. It felt more like a party hosted in an elegant hotel than a mini-golf course. The pictures do not do the course justice. Our clients had fun meeting each other and traveling through the course's themed rooms together. Our buyer's specialist, Amy Baker and our assistant, Chloe Barila, had fun posing in the hall as the creepy twins from the movie 'The Shining' (see picture attached). Our guests, as well, had fun striking poses. We were also treated to the talents of the very sweet Caroline Scruggs, a vocalist and thereminist, who entertained our guests before and after golfing. Parking was a breeze with paid parking right around the corner. I am sure it will not be the last time we host an event at Hotel Greene. It was a memorable and fun night for all.
Julia M.

We went here for brunch and mini golf. The brunch was nice. They have small portions but their selection was good. You can pick from the menu or get the omelette bar. We got something from the menu and the omelette bar. A chef prepares the omelette for you and you get to choose what goes on it.The quiche tasted nice as well though it was a bit small. It also came with a bit of salad and fruit on a stick (grapes, pineapple and strawberry). Once we were done, we let the front desk know and got the colorful golf balls and clubs for the mini golf. We didnt have to wait long until we got on the course.It was hotel-themed and had an antique look. I like that their carpets were different for each of the 13 holes. And there were some hidden surprises such as a peephole through the first hole bookcase which if you look through it had a mini model room. A nice place to have brunch and mini golf. Although it just opened recently, it was bustling. PS: if there is a large group in front of you then expect it to take a little long as you wait for them to finish.