50 reviews

Glenwood Golf Club

marker Richmond, Virginia


50 reviews
Daniel Guertler

It is a shame that a golf course would even allow people to play on the course in such horrible condition. If I owned this golf course, I would just close down before allowing people to play. The greens were horrible. The fairways Were just as bad as the rough. The pins look like they havent been moved in several months. The golf cart parking brake didnt work more than half the time. There is absolutely nothing I could say positive about this golf course. The only reason it received a one star rating is because I couldnt Give it anything less. I have no idea how they are able to have a 3.8 rating. At this point, I would say the overall rating would be 0.5.
Connor Tupponce

Great course, low cost for high quality golf.
Matthew Demarino

Do not waste your money or time. This golf course is littered with garbage everywhere. The greens are in horrible condition. Highway robbery, they charge outrageous prices for a terrible experience. You can spend less and golf at many different gold courses around. Without garbage, poor playing conditions and rude employees.
Hat Thein

Fun course. Just wish pro shop was more friendly. $ 26 to walk. And if you get a golf cart, they charge you a riding fee if you bring a friend.($16)Only course in Va. that charges a rider fee. Let's all tell them that this is not the norm.Hat
Alexander Skinner

Pros: cheapest in town, decent greens, fun layout.Cons: no marshall, long rounds, they let groups larger than 4 out everyday, course conditions are bleh.