50 reviews
Hamptons Golf Course
marker Hampton, Virginia


50 reviews
Joshua Weatherman

The golf course is beautiful and clean but the mattson trail that ventures around it is the single best thing to do after a long day of golf our just a beautiful scenic walk through nature. Very peaceful and food for the soul. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Gray Stahl

Low price, decent course with some challenging holes.
Donald B

Played the Links & Lakes courses was an enjoyable round the greens for the most part were in good shape, The views were nice and especially liked the raptor jets flying overhead.
Scott Cook

Someone is going to break an ankle on those tee pads. Aside from, good course with a few built in challenges.
J Leon

Good shape for the price. 27 holes. Bring earplugs!(right by airbase)... actually great for concentration skills. Grill appears closed for duration, bring a snack for the turn.