13 reviews
Crown Point Golf Course
marker Springfield, Vermont


13 reviews
Fred Gilbert

Course was in terrible shape. Bunkers have no sand, dirt and no edging. Greens were bumpy and had large areas with no grass, needed to be aerated and top dressed, for sure. Obviously neglected. I drove 3 hours to meet my son to play this course.The owners obviously do not care about the condition of the course. I went based on the reviews, not to disrespect the members, but how could anyone possibly rate this course above a 3. Online it was rated at 4.5 stars, that is unfair to others who want to play from out of the area and use that a gauge where to play.Slow play to boot. They let a group of hacks out in front of us with two 3 somes of beginner golfers, who could barely hit it 30 yards per shot. Insult to injury. Do not play here if you want to have an enjoyable day on the golf course.
Martha Dole-Rietta

Wow...what a lovely golf course..owned by members with a wonderful restaurant.
Bonnie Newcomb

I went to enjoy my self with family and friends bought tickets at fireworks 50/50 raffle and ended up getting both sets of same numbers not 2 differnt sets so had no way of winning what a rip off sincerity bonnie newcomb never again will i trust them
johnathan smyth

My favorite course around here. Love the slippery greens.
Dana Chase

The golf course is in pristine condition. Food and beverage is very good.