50 reviews

1611 Indoor Golf Club

marker Fort Worth, Texas


50 reviews
Troy Buford

Always a good experience with the folks at 1611. Weve utilized their kids classes, done monthly league play, and just played with friends. Staff is always helpful and friendly, and prices are incredibly reasonable for the experience offered. Aaron is great if you need lessons as well. No reason not to go grip it and rip it.
Anthony Burke

Great time!
Seth Robinson

spencer hahskd

Great place with friendly service
Evan Russell

1611 Golf Club is very unique being the only indoor venue in the DFW metroplex that has six Trackman simulators available to members and guests at an affordable rate. My golf swing has improved significantly since becoming a member at 1611 and the results are apparent when I go to the golf course. The ability to access your Trackman swing data on your phone or computer has allowed me to diagnose my flaws and correct them. As a result, I have a much better knowledge of my club distances allowing me to make educated club selections on the course along with understanding the 'why' behind a bad shot on the course. Not to mention, the staff at 1611 is extremely knowledgeable and help you analyze your swing data and tailor it to your swing. Aside from swing analysis, I am very impressed with the golf courses available on the simulator and how realistic they appear. You really feel like you are playing the course in real life. The putting studio has also been a huge benefit to lowering my handicap. The putting green is sloped and projects your line from above showing you the break in the putt which has helped me start my putts on the correct line. Overall, 1611 Sports is a top notch institution. It is very easy to get to for anyone in Fort Worth. For those in Dallas, the 45 minute drive is immediately forgotten once you walk inside the door and see the tools available to you to improve your golf game. I highly recommend 1611 Golf Club to anyone who wants to improve especially after seeing how I have improved on the golf course. If the analytical side doesn't interest you, then grab a free beer or bring your own and play St. Andrews, PGA National or other world renowned golf courses without having to worry about weather or expensive tee times.