50 reviews
Brushy Creek Sports Park
marker Cedar Park, Texas


50 reviews
Ram Murthy

I have been visiting this place almost daily from the past couple of months and it's in the evenings for running.There is a enclosed Baseball field, Skate boarding facility, Basketball courts, a paved trail which is long and almost flat, cycling mud trails and there is a lake and small creeks for fishing . Awesome place if someone wants running workouts on grass, I think there is no other place in Austin,please correct me if I'm wrong. You can run on three soccer fields as there are no partitions between them. There are no restrictions on running in the soccer fields except if there are games going on and kids football practice sessions.
Chloe Hawkings

This park is extremely well maintained, much like the rest of the regional trail. There is a large area for different recreational sports, baseball, softball, soccer, football and even a skate park at the top corner. The bathrooms are wonderfully maintained and the water from the fountains is the best on the trail, they even have an outlet to fill up water bottles. The park leads to many trails and also to a lake where many people fish and enjoy nature.
elisa aviles

Great place to bring your family and have a relaxing day. There is a jungle Gym, fields, (soccer, kickball, softball/baseball), hiking trails. It really is Cedar Park's hidden gem.
Ed Rudd

Lots of space for soccer, football, baseball, basketball. A skate park. A fair amount of parking but when the fields are loaded it can be difficult to find parking. At times you have to improvise.
Mary Ellen DeLong

Always a great place to walk, run or bicycle.