50 reviews

Vinny Links Golf Course

marker Nashville, Tennessee


50 reviews
Ted Faull

A fun inexpensive course with some nice hills. They had ice cold water on 4 of the 9 holes on a 96 degree day. The greens were smooth and the fairways pretty good. Nice place to take my 9 y.o. grandson for his first golf outing.
John Vaughn

I love this place convenient to my house but I'm not happy that they doubled their price for seniors
Vernon Smith

Fun well kept 9 hole. Home of Tennessee 1st Tee.
Jarrod Vestal

Look, for 7 bucks, its hard not to give it 5 stars. You can walk on at pretty much anytime. The place is in decent shape through the whole season. Great place to practice. The range leaves a lot to be desired so Id recommend going someplace else to practice driving.
Brett Wade

A great low-key place for those learning to golf or who just aren't that good