50 reviews
Baneberry Golf & Resort
marker Baneberry, Tennessee


50 reviews
Alicia Berg

I LOVE this place!!! We have come here twice a year for the last 6 years and while it's a little rough around the edges, the people are super nice and accommodating. It is a peaceful, relaxing vacation I always look forward to. Haven't been to the bar yet (we usually stay Sunday to Wednesday) but hope to have an extended stay soon.
Bryant Altizer

Back again this year for a group trip. Course was in great shape. The clubhouse is really getting run down and needs to be repaired...especially the bathrooms next to the practice putting green. Restaurant food was pretty good. The time just to order my drink was at least 15 minutes. ..not good after being out in the sun for a round of golf. Ordered a BLT and it took 40 minutes to get it. This is a good way to lose business.
Jerome Cofield

Never felt so uncomfortable in my life there where 2 family's there that stared at us the whole time we was there and yes we was the only black family there
Amanda Hardy

Great place looking forward to buying a Condo out there!
Zach Kincade

The good, friendly staff and course is usually not crowded for quick play. Its perfect for a group who aren't good golfers and who want to have fun. The bad, course condition is pretty rough. Not much grass anywhere. Greens have lots of areas of dead that they covered with sand.