50 reviews
Santee National Golf Club
marker Santee, South Carolina


50 reviews
Joe Connolly

I live 47 miles away from Santee National Golf Course. It seems that no matter what time of year I go there, the course is always in pristine condition. But I have to say that my trip out there today was the best so far this year. The fairways are close to perfect as are the greens. There are golf courses in the Charleston area that are charging $80+ to play a round, but none of those courses come close to the playability of Santee National. Do yourself a favor by making the trip out to Santee. It's by far the best bang for your buck.
Sunny Day

Nice course. Challenging, but fun. The fairways were in Great condition. The greens were aerated. Employees were friendly and helpful.
Paul Beaulieu

Beautiful course! Even in the winter when everything is brown the fairways are green and the greens are perfect... Price wise it is average $40 weekends with cart. They do offer a $5 military discount for both active and retired. Great place
King Ward

Played on 4/9/20 with my grandson and brother. We had a great time. Pristine driving range, nice fairways and perhaps the best greens I have ever played on. Covid-19 precautions were in effect but the staff made the visit as nice as possible. I would definitely play the course again. I hope I bring more game next time.
Josh V

Great course and friendly staff. Love playing at Santee National when Im in Carolina visiting family.