50 reviews
Colonial Charters Golf Club
marker Longs, South Carolina


50 reviews
Charles Crawford

I like this course. It's usually drier than most so the ball rolls out further. The greens are receptive. The layout is nice. Reachable Par 5's. 4 reachable Par 4's with perfectly hit Drivers. It's not esthetically pristine, but it has its own difference in how it plays. Hot dogs are hot dogs.
Nick Sorrentino

This place was very nice. The pond nice and full of fish and the course very well planned. It went down hill when they took sections out of the courses for houses and put them in the back yard of other neighbors backyards which was a big problem. It was great until this happened.
Patrice Fischetti

I like this place cause I live here. I have been to a few other courses that are much prettier. the cart path is eroded & often muddy . the course is interesting but could be landscaped prettier. I know the designer was going for a natural look but the greens can look like a kids baseball sand lot.
Michael Baskey

Greens were pretty decent but a little slow. Number of bare spots on some of the fairways was biggest issue. Good pace of play for 12:30 tee time. Fairways are fairly narrow although course is somewhat short from gold trees. We normally play white but with some par 3s near 200 yards we chose gold. Decent amount of water to make some challenge. Serious golfers probably want to skip but for average golfers not bad value at $30 on the passport .
Rodney Williams

I live on this course. Seems a bit overpriced. The condition of the course is spotty. Some holes will be great others will be water logged around the green for no reason. Some tee boxes could be in better condition. Still a fun course to play. Afternoons are not busy at all!