50 reviews
Oak Point Golf Course
marker Johns Island, South Carolina


50 reviews
phil fr

Amazing conditions, great people there and the course was great. It's fair but you need to play to certain distances to play it well
Robert Qua

Gorgeous. So well maintained, staff so accommodating and attentive. And such a fun course. I just played one of the most fun rounds of my life. Thank you guys! Especially Chelsea!
Trace Fisher

Idk why but this one is never in as good shape as the others on the resort. I would never say it's bad, just not as polished as the others. Still, it is very forgiving and very playable, scoring isnt to difficult. Very scenic, lots of wildlife, tons of gators (some really big boys). As always, the staff is awesome, very cordial and helpful.
Jeff Hebrink

Very beautiful course. Amazing staff. Top notch experience!
Ribaut Rhodes

Course is in outstanding condition. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Club pro is a bit arrogant. Acted like the guest were an imposition.