50 reviews
Charbonneau Golf Club
marker Wilsonville, Oregon


50 reviews
Mary Frinell

Three beautiful, fun 9 holes courses. Challenging at times! And great employees!
Bob Banister

Enjoyed the golf however I was very surprised that there was no attempt to protect customers from Covid infection. No one In the pro shop wore a mask. Only the person taking money at the lunch counter wore a mask. The person making the sandwiches did not wear a mask nor wore gloves. Seriously!
Isaiah Langston

This is definitely one of the nicest, best-kept courses in the area. I've played it several times recently with friends, and we've all been consistently impressed with how well-maintained and classy it is. However, I will stress the need for accuracy (due to homes lining the fairways). Will return soon!
Matthew Casey Langston

Beautiful course, nicely maintained. Homes on both sides of the fairways, so accuracy is big. Plays like an executive course (mostly 3's, some 4's).
Tom Fernwault

Nice course!