10 reviews

Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center

marker Sunriver, Oregon


10 reviews
Justin Gundlach

Fun for family, not too crowded.
Kevin Laxton

This place is awesome. I didn't have the opportunity to get in the water on this visit but I still had a ton of fun. There is a snack shop, plenty of seating (in the sun or shade), a small indoor pool area, all kinds of really fun looking spots. They sell swimming gear at the front as well, in case you forgot to bring something. I definitely want to try out the water slides next time. This place is usually pretty crowded. I would recommend checking Google to see when it's less busy and go then. I visited in the summer; I don't know what this place is like in the winter.
Daphne Reaves

We had so much fun here every day of our vacation!! The lifeguards were attentive and very friendly. The facility is very clean and the pool doesn't wreak of chlorine since the bathrooms are easily accessible (I think less kids pee in the pool). My kids (10, 7, 7, 5 yrs old) couldn't wait until 10am every day! One day there was a thunder storm and we had to leave early but it was for our safety. The food service area was quick and clean and the servers were great! The staff was very nice through out the whole facility. We really loved this place!
Amber Black

I love taking my kiddos hear it's nice and clean. Only reason for 3 stars was the customer service. I came to sharc after calling to see if I could come watch my son with the hub swim. We werent swimming we came to sit and watch. When we got hear we were met by a very sarcastic and rude man who said that we would have to pay. I said I called and asked if we could watch and they said of course we werent swimming. He said we would have to pay. I paid to watch my son for 30minutes swim. That to me is ridiculous.
Alivea Drogmund

My daughters had a blast here! Reasonable pricing and great fun!