50 reviews
Broadmoor Golf Course
marker Portland, Oregon


50 reviews
Mattandtiffany Malcontent

Delightful. I really enjoyed it. I would say it's the Best one in Oregon.' Yet.! I'm going to invite my other Girl's for a pleasant Afternoon. Holiday. Thanks again to the Staff. I felt each of them played a part in making it such an Adventurous experience.

Need better signage....got lost a few times. Nice having marshalls on course for directions. Fairways need more water. Nice greens! Pretty course!
David Stephen

The course is beautiful and challenging. The greens were dry and way too fast. Impossible to make approach shots stick. I appreciate that they are taking appropriate covid precautions.
Kevin Neal

As a public golf course this is one of the best courses in Portland because the greens are always in great shape. They do a great job of trying to keep the lower fairways dry. Heavy rain collects on 13 and 15 but they have sumps that move it away. Unfortunately sometimes its not enough, but I still rate the Course highly for a public course with limited resources. Not a huge challenge but a great course for Driver.
Mohammad Awaida

The course is great and fun with an interesting configuration. Being our first time this course would benefit with more signage. Staff were great and helpful. If you walk it prepare for some steep grades on a couple holes with lots of water hazards in play. Definitely eat in the restaurant, food was really good.