50 reviews
Eugene Country Club
marker Eugene, Oregon


50 reviews
Melody Anne Murphy Kirk

Nice location. Pretty grounds. Gracious staff. Food was acceptable, but not 5 star. We were there for a work event, so I can't speak to the membership.
Jerrid Wolflick

Great place to host a holiday party. The interior is a little staid but it's a country club. Food is great. The catering teams are observant and speedy. Overall, a great experience.
Rob Morris

Banquet in the Tall Fir room. Comfortable seating, great buffet and desserts. Staff very professional. Lovely country club !
John Harding

What a beautiful place. The golf course shares Oregon's beauty with trees and great green grass. Having lunch or dinner at the clubhouse is a real treat with a gourmet menu you won't believe. The best people and the best golfers in Eugene go there and you should too.
Lindsey Ervin

This place is beautiful and the service staff was very friendly. I was only here for a conference but the room was clean and comfortable.