50 reviews
Adams Municipal Golf Course
marker Bartlesville, Oklahoma


50 reviews
Dylan Smith

The course is usually really well maintained during the main season. It has really nice, new bunkers (if you like that kind of thing). This is a municipal course, so don't expect it to be Augusta, buy I would easily say it is one of the nicest municipal courses I have ever played.
Stewart St John

Great course!
BigBoy OnTheRadio

Recently played a round here, and the course was impressive. Fantasic grounds keeping work. I am new to golf, and it was a great first round experience,and reasonably priced. Can't wait to return.
Dj P.

Hiding their heads in the sand and only allowing players from their county to use their course?? Hope they go under.
Ayman Husain

For a municipal course in Bartlesville, Adams was definitely a great course. It was well kept and managed. The pro shop was nicely kept too. Definitely would play here again.