50 reviews
StoneWater Golf Club & Venue
marker Highland Heights, Ohio


50 reviews
Toriano Bell

Enjoyed the tour of the venue. Expensive but worth it if you got the dough.
Daniel Sederholm

Very nice, PGA Tour-caliber golf course (not for the faint of heart) and excellently maintained. The Rustic Grill also offers very delicious mid/post round food and drinks, and their venue hall is one of the nicest in the suburban Cleveland area. My wife loved having her bridal shower here, and wed both recommend it for any occasion you might have to celebrate
S Rhod

Went to play golf today with my husband. First we were rushed and forced to start on the back half of the course. Then once we finished out first 9 holes we stopped at the club to use the bathroom only to come out and have our cart taken away from us!! They didnt ask they just removed our items and proceeded to tell us that theyre really busy today, and they needed more carts because they were falling behind. I just couldnt t believe we were kicked out of the carts half way through our 18 holes. All the clubs and courses Ive been too; this has never happened to me! Wont be back here... I see how certain people are treated.
Jeff Salerno

Simply one of the best teachers in the area! He adjusted my swing in 3 lessons, kept the process simple, easy to repeat and is incredibly knowledgeable of the golf swing and all of its variations. I would highly recommend him. If your a beginner learning the game, or a low handicap player looking to sharpen up he is your guy.
Steve Rothenberg

Caught a deal on greens fees and played, made it tougher on must than the course should have been. Stay out of the rough to give yourself a chance at a good score.