11 reviews
Pine Brook Golf Links
marker Grafton, Ohio


11 reviews
Stephen Wohl

Solid course, well maintained. Good for any level of expertise.
Marc R

First time I ever played here. Will be honest was not impressed at all. Staff was friendly. Course layout is a little boring in places. Course conditions are extremely bad. No grass on fairways , standing water in a lot of places, tee boxes were atrocious. Now I have played at courses worse than this but not for the price. The greens were actually very good. Some were wet but we did have light rain most of the morning. This golf course is hugely overpriced for what it is. Within 10 miles you can play Valley of the Eagles or Grey hawk, 2 very nice, well kept courses for the same price. I saw the website and it looked great. Said it was northeast Ohios hidden Gem. Well we must have played at a different course. Very disappointed. You can play Brentwood for less and personally think Brentwood takes better care of the course.Ive played a lot of courses around this area and I have played most more than once. I would not return here. Save your money and go to Grey Hawk and experience a real round of golf on a well kept course. This course should be about $20 per round. $39 is crazy. Ive paid over $160 for a round and dont care as long as it can be justified. For $20 you couldnt argue. You get what you pay for. $40 i expect a course to be in much better shape.
Kent Prine

My experience with people who think they know what they are talking about is what I will speak to here. Maintaining a golf facility is difficult. There are budget constraints (because no one wants to pay anything to play anymore) , weather factors that are not favorable (It's April in Northeast Ohio people) and last, but not least, customers with COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. I was in the business for well over 20 years. This place is great for the money. It isn't, nor do they try to be, Augusta National. Nice place to play golf and enjoy yourself. My guess, and I know I am right, is these people putting one star reviews haven't got a CLUE as to what they are even talking about and wouldn't know a 'fare way' from a FAIRWAY (IDIOT) if it jumped up and bit them in the butt. Learn to enjoy the game and enjoy life people.
Curtis Truma

Worst course I've played all season the tee boxes wouldn't take a tee the fare ways were rooted myso bad they jared your teeth greens ok if you checked to see if they were wet or dry. The course needs a complete renovation. Was thinking to buy the 4 course package but not with this one good luck swinging here...
soaper girl

My son plays this course alot. Well maintained and staff is very pleasant.