50 reviews
City of Dayton Golf
marker Dayton, Ohio


50 reviews

Community golf course is in decent shape. In my opinion, you can find better courses around Dayton, some even cost a lot less money. With the decision the City of Dayton made about wearing masks, I found it interesting that the City of Dayton makes you pay to social distance at Community Golf Course. If one would like to ride in a separate golf cart, one must pay $5 extra. I know; I know. If I don't like it, I should go somewhere else.
John Kleek

One of my favorite tracks to play in the Dayton area. Been playing there for over 40 years!
Mike Lyons

First time I have played Community Golf Course. Liked it a lot. Would liked to have seen it before all the Ash trees needed to be cut down. Looking forward to my next round there.
Garrett Gostek

Course is well maintained and everyone is friendly. Plus the range is grass always a plus.
Sean Bobbitt

Great 32 holes! Nice size bar and food area. People are always friendly and also has a nice driving range to warm up. Well taken care of course.