50 reviews

Avon Fields Golf Course

marker Cincinnati, Ohio


50 reviews
Kamal Raad

The course is fantastic! It's very well kept, has some challenging Par 4s, and the staff are always beyond helpful. One of the best city course in Cincinnati!
Robert Perkins

Today I played the last round I will ever play at this course. Certainly dont expect to be treated like a child while paying my hard earned money to play golf. When the same treatment occurred last year, I said to myself then I wouldnt go back, but I did. Same treatment today. If you are a grown adult and wish to be treated like one, spend your money elsewhere.
Josh Dempsey

The course isn't bad. Kind of rough shape but its a public course so it is in okay condition. The employees could use a little coaching on etiquette. We were told we were playing too slow and that there were complaints and we needed to play faster while we were standing at the 8th tee off box waiting to hit with a five-some in the fairway ahead of us. We paid our money like everyone else and we aren't going to just hit into another group. If your employees want faster play then perhaps allowing a group of five on a course isn't a smart idea? I guess there is a reason this was the only course in the city where we could get a tee time tonight.. next time we will plan ahead better and just make sure to play elsewhere.Carts were clean.
Gabe Shepherd

Dog track. Played a lot of cincy courses and this is one of the worst. Greens inconsistently cut, everything very overgrown. 3-4 groups on each hole takes 2.5+ hours to get through 9 holes with any average twosome. Theyre just selling as many tee times as possible, pace is the worst in town.
Darren Jauch

Pro shop staff was rude but the course was ok