50 reviews
Fairlawn Country Club
marker Akron, Ohio


50 reviews
Eileen Hauser

Course and facility is beautiful. Great service, staff is very friendly. Food is decent.
Jeffrey Mealy

This is a Private Club that provides exquisite dining, a challenging golf course, tennis, boccie, and a great pool facility. Very family oriented atmosphere and also a great place to conduct business or charity events as well as weddings.
Jill Christine

I grew up going to the swinming pool here almost everyday in the summer months, i have the FONDEST memories of the amazing pool and a cherry slush puppy. I believe the pool has been redone since i moved to oregon (98'), but it looks even better now. My dad loved playing golf there, and my mom always loved all the holiday dinners and events. Such a cozy atmosphere, I wish we still lived back there.
Todd Payne

Beautiful and classic country club with outstanding service and good food.
terry parker

I have no personal experience with this private club, I picked up wine for an employer from the valet. I'm employed by some club members who have never told me any negative experiences, only positive.