50 reviews
Mill Pond Golf Course
marker Medford, New York


50 reviews
Andrew Kim

Mill Pond is in excellent shape: layout, fairways and greens are great. I walked two weeks ago and it's one of my favorite tracks in Suffolk. The only challenge was the pace of play. They need marshals on the course to make sure groups don't fall behind. In my case, the cart riding group ahead was 3 holes behind and I was walking. Please help the pace of play and try to keep rounds under 4 1/2 hours.
Charlton Davenport

Had a Sweet 16 Birthday Party there and the catering and service was Awesome. Very attentive and the event went on without any bumps.... Thank You Mill Pond Staff!!!
Nicholas Carlozzi

I am giving them a 3 but it has nothing to do with the course. Course is in excellent shape. Greens are gorgeous. The issue is the starter. Guy has an attitude and jumped on us because we brought a cooler with ice and waters. He yells at us coolers arent allowed but then goes on to say no outside alcohol is permitted. That is fine. We had water. Its 80 degrees out and it was 7am and the day was only gonna get hotter. Cart girl showed up on 11th hole. Again that is fine, but dont give me an attitude about the water I brought so I didnt collapse from heat exhaustion. Then when we are leaving starter goes out of his way to remind us we wont be allowed coolers and how he remembers every face so dont try it again. Oh yeah, still bought 6 waters from cart girl and tipped her $10. So it wasnt talking money out of her pocket. If I have to pay $81 to play a round there, I can bring my own water. That was my only issue. As I mentioned above, course was in excellent shape. Extremely well kept. If. I cant bring waters though, Ill play somewhere else.
Kevin Nicholson

The starter has a bad attitude. It was 90 degrees, high humidity and they have issues with a small cooler with water and ice. They say, 'we don't want people bringing alcohol'. Then change your policy to, no outside alcohol. Your cart girl doesn't show up until the 11th hole, so don't punish people for trying to stay hydrated.

Beautiful golf course