50 reviews
The Club At Las Campanas
marker Santa Fe, New Mexico


50 reviews
Gamal Aly

Enjoyed my time here (stayed with family for about a week). The grounds keeping services are always around and about, and the member services at the grounds were all clearly top notch. The gym: good experience here, kind of sad at the lack of towels available. The locker rooms were great although some of the members are animals and don't understand that not everyone wants to see your junk flopping around. Pool: was good, not enough beach chairs, we had a large family get together with little ones and of course, since we're on a mountain in the warm weather, the sun was extreme. The restaurant: incredible, the wine list was exhaustive, the service was Michelin level, the food was perfectly cooked, and the wait staff was incredible. The courses / routes: all terrific!
Andrew Ritch

As a former Board Member of the Desert Chorale I cannot tell you how impressed i was last evening at the Winter Gala of the organization. Everything was perfect and my hat is off to the Management, Staff, Chef and everybody else who helped make the event a true delight.
iris bryant

As a member and active participant in activities, this is a fine club. Many activities for all members. Very friendly staff.
Michael Schvarczkopf

Beautiful Club-Resort with expansive views of the Sangre de Christos and the vast Jemez' mountains. All the amenities you could ever want. Patrons treated like royalty.
Paul Anderson

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