50 reviews

Cottonwood on the Greens

marker Los Alamos, New Mexico


50 reviews
Edward Martin

Good food and best service in town!!
gregory woodson

I would never recommend dining at this establishment. The food is barely passable as food. Everything is boiled with no spice whatsoever. When my friends and I had dinner there we were seated right away,(maybe because it was dead). One of my friends had the Pasta with sausage and fennel. I had the salmon Beurre blanc grilled salmon, another friend has the Duck l'orange. How do I begin.....The pasta fennel dish was awful and weird, a bowl of pasta packed with what looked like boiled fennel cooked until it was mush. It appeared gray in color and not appetizing at all. The Duck L'Orange was a sad tiny dried up piece of duck served alongside and huge lump of mashed potatoes. Most of the plate taken up by the potatoes. The salmon had no flavor, when the plate came it looked and tasted like something from Furr's cafeteria. The vegetables were just boiled to death with no spice at all. It is pretty clear that they know nothing about good food or they just don't care. I did give them a few more chances and I can safely say that nothing they serve is good. They seem to use the cheapest ingredients available. It is by far the worst restaurant in Los Alamos, which is too bad because it is in a beautiful spot.
Kelsey Wirtes

So thankful for our first trip here! Although it was takeout with the lovely virus happening, the customer service was amazing! They made my birthday dinner even more awesome with the added chocolate bar dessert. The steaks were amazing and we will be back for sure!
Maggie Schmitt

I walked in, sat down, and waited 10 minutes to be served. Two waitresses, and only 4-5 tables being served. We ordered pizza, which came cool, and honestly, thereally was too much cheese on it, so the crust couldn't cook through. We did return it to the kitchen, and were nicely given free beers while we waited. However, it did not remedy the undercooked, over cheesed pizza.
Maxwell Sandford

Excellent service and good golf course food.