10 reviews
The Canyon Club at Four Hills
marker Albuquerque, New Mexico


10 reviews
Native New Mexican

Best country club in Albuquerque. Golf course is kept in great shape. Challenging course nestled in the Foothills of the city.
Amber SF

I'm not a member so take this review with a grain of salt: unimpressive grounds, no one greeted me, maintenance uneven so it's looking rundown in some parts-- cracked stucco, etc. Two security cars in parking lot but not a single security officer. Lots of golfers, looked satisfied and absorbed in their game. Don't really know what there is to do if you don't play golf. I cannot understand why they would sell non-golf memberships without having a nice indoor pool to use year-round. Real shame-- such a nice location and beautiful vistas. Maybe the restaurant is great and non-golfers maybe use the club year-round for the restaurant and/or tennis (there may be also pickleball). Wish they had a gym, or spa services, or indoor pool. Any one of those things would have gotten me to join that day I went-- as long as someone, anyone, actually greeted me. Front desk was closed on a weekend afternoon which I found surprising. Again, look to those who are members-- this was only one visit for which I'd give only 1 star instead of 3, if it had been my experience on more than 1 visit.
Denise Hasher

My summer Zen spot. Cocktails, grub and pool perfection.
swamiji Kalihatti

Golf course. Country club is added attraction

Delicious food. We went for supper (rabbit sausage over crme rose sauce covering pasta ($12). Then we returned for breakfast the following morning for their eggs ranchero ($6). Really hard to beat the prices!