50 reviews
Isleta Eagle Golf Association
marker Albuquerque, New Mexico


50 reviews
Eileen Tomczyk

Fabulous golf ...well maintained great staff
Lance McLaren

Played the Mesa and Lakes courses. It was nice. Some fairway and rough were a bit overgrown but overall very happy with the course condition. I could tell they punched the greens within the last couple weeks but nothing major. I got on around 2pm and was able to play in less than 2.5 hours. Nobody in front! Would definitely play again.
NuggetRidge com

Iseleta has gone from one extreme to another! The casino is ok! But, machines are tight & although, it has improved the grounds and hotel! It's not on my list of places to go anymore!
Shawn Canada

Shot an 82. Great day. Girl lady seemed to gave a radar for when we needed her
Tyrone Shelton

2 over par! Love that course! It's a must if your ever in the neighborhood!