50 reviews
River Vale Country Club
marker River Vale, New Jersey


50 reviews
Ricky Reviews

Awful Customer Appreciation. No respect for 'regulars' who have been coming for 10+ years. Take the money for the round and we hope to see you next time. The selling point is the course, not management. For some people that's enough but I am not one of those people. It is a public course, management doesn't need to be so uptight and pretentious. Christine acts like she is the President of the entire country and won't let you forget that she runs the course. A bit of an attitude and very proud and confident of her title/position. Not sure what has her on this high horse but it comes off as very full of herself, almost as if she is looking down on everybody else. The Director of Golf is Chris. He seems like a nice guy but I've seen him 'big time' a few people while at the course. Otherwise, very knowledgeable about the sport.Food is slightly above average, especially for a golf course, but its a very bland, short menu; and wildly expensive. Bryan and Mic are very friendly and generous bartenders. Course is usually in pretty good shape but rates are a little steep for what you get out of a round. Summary: The people who run it aren't personable.

Amazing golf course with very fast greens!
Jeffrey Joss

Tee off was on time even on a busy day. Course in good shape. Nice round
Richard Procter

Very nice course. Will come back. Greens in great shape
Niyi Fagade

The greens were true!! Well maintained golf course and a true country club ambience!! Throughly enjoyed my round... hope to return soon!!