50 reviews

High Point Golf Club

marker Montague Township, New Jersey


50 reviews
Nicholas Dwyer

Shane Zeman

had a great time, great place to play golf.
Steven Kaplan

Diana Fonseca

The Bar & Grill offered terrible service. My friend and I were there on Saturday night and the waitress who greeted us told us to order our drinks inside bc one of the waitresses called out sick and the other one can't carry the drinks. Excuse me? So we ordered our drinks and walked out with them. NO ONE approached us to clean the table (these tables are outside) no one came over to offer us water. We waited for about 15-20 minutes and nothing. So we went back inside to place our order for food. Same lady took our order and then we waited another 30 minutes for apps! During this time the same lady who took our order came out side and sat with the other guests at their table to chat.. that's fine if that is how you do business but if your patron's food takes extra long to come out then you have no business sitting outside with the patrons! The food was mediocre at best. we ordered nachos with chili, fried pickles, a chicken quesadilla and the shrimp.. The shrimp had a weird taste. The nachos were descent, the quesadilla hardly had chicken, the fried pickles were probably the best dish out of all we ordered.Also once during our meal one person came over to take the plates and we asked for new drinks which came out and were different from what we ordered.. Tt was a bad experience all around. I do not recommend this place.
Russ Malcolm

Nice layout