15 reviews
Darlington Golf Course
marker Mahwah, New Jersey


15 reviews
Michael MacNeil

I played Darlington on July 9th 2020 for the first time in a while, and let me tell you, our foursome was very impressed. There was clearly an effort to improve maintenance of the grounds. Well cut fairways, lush, but not insane rough, and consistent greens (they are a bit slow but again not crazy, and we noticed no patches). We had a 4:50pm tee time, and the course was packed, yet place of play was 2 hr/9 holes, which is a remarkable improvement from my last experience. Plus that late in the day, the traps weren't bad considering the traffic and no rakes. Management did a commendable job getting you going right away: someone meets you at the clubhouse door, collects your payment, grab a cart, shoot up to the lot to grab your clubs, and you're off. I believe the carts are new. Gas powered with updated interior and club covers in case it rains. All in all, good conditions should leave players at minimum satisfied. Will play again!
Mike Alfano

been playing darlington for the past 35 years.it was made more difficult a number of years ago, my buddies and i feelthe money would have been more wisely spent on maintaining it better.it gets grubs and lots of crabgrass. being in the lawn business i know how costly these pesticides can be. that said it is by far the best county course
Michelle Palko

My first time golfing here and definitely not my last. Wonderful conditions and great staff. Great time!
Joe Mecca

This course is in need of major TLC. Its a shame because the layout is really nice. Very poorly maintained. Tee boxes with very little to no grass. Rough is not cut in some areas and the areas that are cut the cut grass is just left. Fairways have little to no grass in many spots. There were many greens with so many un-repaired ball marks our foursome began to count how many each of us would fix to try and do our part. One hole we counted 27. Even the ball washers had no water. We concluded that this course must have a severely understaffed grounds crew. What a shame to let such a nice layout fall apart the way it has. Unfortunate.
Marc Birnbaum

I played darlington about 2 to 3 weeks ago. It was by far the worst condition I have ever seen it in since I have been playing there the past 20 years. The only thing we could assume is that you decided to do no maintenance for this season at the course (accept maybe cut the fairways). Maybe it is a budget thing with specific county courses getting no care> It was absolutely terrible. T boxes horrible, sand traps had exposed rocks all around apron area, greens all beat up (it was only July), fairways very poor condition. It's a shame. Wont be plating there again this season