50 reviews
Darlington Golf Center
marker Mahwah, New Jersey


50 reviews
Krtim Shah

This is my home course. I live close by and come as often as I can. If you have a county card, this is one of the best muni courses you can play for its price. I believe its $26 for 18. The layout is good and depending on the tees you play, this course can become challenging. I come here enough to get to know the staff personally and they are all great people. There are two things that I would improve here. One would be drainage. After a heavy rain, the course tends to get soaked and almost becomes unplayable.The second would be green speeds, but they are actually speeding them up every year so that is amazing.All in all, I love this place. It's my second home and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to play golf in the area.
Sang Kim

In my opinion, the best muni in Bergen county.
Jim Martocci

Meh. At the height of the season, conditions were horrendous. Now, fairways are recovering from rot. Greens better after aeration. Bunkers have been bad for years. Construction sand, and very little at that. Could be much better.
Mike Hogan

I waited on line in the club house for 30 minutes to by a gift card for a friend. After waiting online the person behind the desk did not know how to set up a gift card transaction. He attempted for about 5 minutes to make it work. After which he told me I needed to have more patience. He then proceeded to give me my money back and not give me a gift card so that he could try and help the next customer.
Jay Chang

A good golf course