50 reviews

Closter Golf Center

marker Closter, New Jersey


50 reviews
Keaton Davis

Great spot to hit balls. Had every other hitting station zoned off so it felt pretty safe. Loved the portion of grassy turf on the mat as well as the normal hard area; a nice subtlety most ranges in the area dont have.
Joseph Chu

Cool place. Pre Covid, it was neet to be able to get there at 9pm and work on my game till 10:30. Very Tin Cup like. Reasonable prices. Has nice little Korean mini restaurant. Lots of Koreans, which I think is cool, because Koreans are the most hardcore golfers in the world. They care more about golf than anyone, which gives this place a serious, golfy feel.
John O

Not great but Its close to home
Stuart Kim

Took my 2 boys to the mini golf area and paid for 2 putters. Immediately the guys warns me there are cameras so I better not try to play for free. What the hell? I never went back.
Joseph Sudano

Go here they are fully stock with equipment and food if you want it