50 reviews
Breakfast Hill Golf Club
marker Greenland, New Hampshire


50 reviews
Clayton Slawson

By far the best course we have played this season so far. Staff was incredibly friendly, specifically the Starter. Hats off to you letting us fall back to last tee time for a 'stress free' round as high handicappers. Course in great shape, beautiful grounds. We'll be back for sure!
Dexter Elsemore

Excellent golf for the thinking golfer. Not a grip it and rip it course. Excellent condition and fun to play.
Matthew Person

Great layout. Challenging but not frustrating. Driving range a bonus. 19th hole is well done
Bob Salamone

Very nice layout...short course but, you better make sure of positioning for the next shot or your score wiil pay the price...
Jeff Young

Still a very nice course. The issue is the time their cart / Rangers folks have to leave. They push you to be back before 7:30pm. It's light until 8:45pm at this time of the year. Heard the ranger come out to tell folks on 17th hole they would not be able to play the 18th due to getting their electric carts in. Are you kidding?Seems like the same complaints are still happeningSo management / ownership knows and don't care, or they have their head in the sand.You could be the best course in the area, but ownership will not allow it.Still a well kept course.