7 reviews

Beartrap Ranch

marker Belfry, Montana


7 reviews
Mercer Mildred

Amazing beyond any description I could provide. Peaceful and beautiful, and the owners are lovely people. I never want to leave...well, maybe when the snow starts falling.
Amanda Nemeth

Contacted BearTrap Ranch on 6/15/18 and spoke with a gentleman named Gary. My inquiry was about on-site accommodations with specific interest in the cabin with a bathroom and the tipis. Upon discovering that the tipis did not have AC nor a bathroom, I informed Gary that the tipis would not be a suitable option for our family as my husband is a disabled veteran and we have two young children so an AC and bathroom are sought after and necessary accommodations. Gary was more than happy to offer the accommodations our family required and we reviewed the pricing for the cabin with a bathroom. Upon requesting a reservation confirmation, I was informed that a reservation was not required, so I printed a copy of the cabin details including the discussed pricing breakdown (see attachment 1). To reduce confusion, I emailed BearTrap Ranch including the information specified during our conversation so that both the ranch and our family would have a record (see attachment 2). On 7/21/18 I phoned BearTrap Ranch to inform them that our anticipated arrival was an hour earlier where a gentleman informed us that we would be staying in the BearTrap Ranch tipis. I told the gentleman that this is not what was agreed upon a month earlier and the gentleman said Im sorry young lady thats all I got. At that point I told the gentleman we would not be staying at their establishment and hung up. A few moments after ending our conversation a woman phoned us to better understand what occurred. This gesture was overshadowed by a gentleman yelling in the background leading to my husbands use of choice words and concluding the conversation. Poor planning and documentation on BearTrap Ranchs account left our family searching for lodging at 10:00 pm. This proved to be very difficult as lodging in the surrounding cities were sold out due to an Iron Horse Motorcycle event taking place that weekend. We traveled 7 hours to reach the Ranchs location, so to say we were upset is an understatement. We had plans the following morning to meet with family in Billings, MT however, having to locate accommodations elsewhere forced our family to cancel those plans. Pros: -Beautiful Location-CabinsCons: -Unreliable-Untrustworthy-Inconsistent Information-Unprofessional
Ross Lowther

Keith Lathrop

Loved the place! Stopped here instead of running into a storm on our way to from Little Bighorn Battlefield to Cody, Wy. Gary the owner was awesome and told us about Red Lodge and Beartooth Pass which are close by. We ended up staying another night and it turned out to be one of the best parts of our two week vacation.
Sandra Distad

It's where the prairie meets the patio. Truly a little slice of heaven right here on earth. I feel so blessed to be able to call it home