24 reviews
Creve Coeur Park Disc Golf Course
marker St Louis, Missouri


24 reviews
Jeetesh Bahuguna

Great place.. good for kayaking, skating , walking, running jogging and outdoor party.
Nathan Hempel

This is an absolute must for disc golfing in st Louis. It is challenging because of ever changing wind . But looks simple because of flat open terrain. The views are special. And if you wander around the park . There is an amazing waterfall. Hope to see you there. Clean healthy fun
April Dalton

This course only good for long stroke practice and walking. There is no map. Hole 10 is completely missing. The layout is the mpst frustrating part. The grounds are well kept but you have no idea where you are going. 18 hole?? We gave up on hole 9. Not worth your time.
Mike Cortrecht

Nice walking trails, beautiful lake as well as a fun disc golf course. All free.
Denny Walsh

The new 9 hole course makes it 18 again... bring back the old back 9 and make it a 27. It is a good course still...