50 reviews
Shoal Creek Golf Course
marker Kansas City, Missouri


50 reviews
Ryan Spruhan

Awesome! The patches of fairway from previous reviews (and last year) are no longer an issue and you really have to look hard to see them. Greens were awesome. Layout, scenery, rough etc were top notch. Only gripe would be the range was mats only and couldn't get them to take a tee to warm up with driver. Maybe expensive for frequent rounds, but deals can be found and should be taken advantage of.
Julie L

We attended a beautiful lovely wedding and a reception that was beautifully done beautifully executed. Did not like how they kept taking drinks and glasses away from tables even though people were visiting with other people or on the dance floor.
Samuel Pella

Admittedly I arrived minutes before my tee time, but the older gentleman behind the counter was still rude after I apologized for not getting there earlier. After getting to the first tee, I discovered that there was a junior golf tournament going on that incredibly delayed the pace of play. I feel like this is something you should mention to people going out to play because as a single in a cart, it took me 3 hours and I only got to play 12 holes after paying for 18. I understand there was a good amount of rain the last few days but the bunkers were unplayable due to standing water. Green speeds were also very inconsistent and the overall course conditions were fairly poor. There were also huge spots in many fairways where there was only mud and it had been attempted to get covered up by throwing sod down over it which if you found yourself unlucky enough to have your ball land on it would have to move it off. Overall, it seems like the course is just mismanaged or could use some new staff and would also help to put some extra resources into the maintenance staff.
Drunken Yardbird

Great staff, the clubhouse is pristine and modern and a great place to be. The greens are very well maintained as are the other equipment. Golf carts are great as well.
Jerry Girdner

Great staff! Improvements being made to fairways... Greens are in great shape. One of the best courses in KC area.